Interior Doors

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Interior Doors

Tabor Millwork has an expert staff to help you with your interior door needs.

Whether you are looking for new pre-hung doors, door slabs or replacing your existing doors with new slabs, Tabor Millwork has what you need. We can also help you with new glass doors, louvered doors and entry doors. We can provide you with solid wood custom doors, solid core paint grade doors, hollow core molded doors, steel doors and fiberglass doors in any style, size and configuration that you can imagine.

Many people assume that replacing doors is a difficult and expensive proposition and that is not necessarily the case. A pre-hung interior door is usually used in new construction. The door comes on the jamb with the hinges attached. Additionally, the pre-hung door will be bored to receive the specified hardware.

Replacing your existing doors slabs is a bit trickier. The replacement door slabs will need to have the hinge location in the proper position to fit into the existing frame. Likewise, the boring needs to be accurately placed to ensure a good fit.

Regardless of your situation, we have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the doors that work best for your situation and we look forward to helping you with your project.